hello, im kyle. :)

shy, quiet, awkward. i open up eventually. and proud to be pacific islander. not asian. NOT..asian.

So I might just come to this now, I guess

Welp yeah. I’m trying to let go. I needa figure myself out before I start looking to figure with someone else. Lust or Love? Idk. I thought I was happy. I think I was actually. And I worked my hopes up as usual and beat them down with the hard truth. I don’t know if it hurts more when I’ve accurately predicted the future or when I’m blindsided. “I know what I’m getting myself into, I know what to expect.” It still hurts.

Would it have been better if I didn’t do anything at all? I don’t regret anything, but maybe it wouldn’t be so bitter-feeling. It’s like my fingers can’t curl up into a fist anymore. My hand just lays on its backside, fingers spread out like a net. But what differs my hand from a net is that I don’t have the power to draw it closer. Make any sudden moves and poof, it’s scared. I have to wait for it to crawl closer and closer, up my arm. Over my shoulder, past my neck and above my chin. Then maybe he’ll hear me.

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Day #9. Or Letter #1. Or Post1

Okay so. I’m going to start trying to write here again I guess. I got really bored this evening and decided to stalk my tumblr. Wow. I was a special special little orchid flower. Porbably not even a flower. Moreso a praying mantis that looks like an orchid; one that feasts on dragonflys and shit. Yeah. That kinda eukaryote. Bam.


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Day #8 Letter to Internalnet

Hey xjenn143x,

ahh jeez. i dont know you in person but id consider you a good friend if we actually did meet.

The Story of me a xjenn143x:

One day in maplestory, i was in “lego-land” inside the clocktower killing panda bears stuffed toys. then i met her and i asked her to party me and train and quest together. she soon invited me to her guild and blah blah, officer, blah, trust, and blah she had this online boyfriend, blah, level up, blah, new armor, blah loan moneys, blah blah…and blah. but  the really embarrasing detail about befriending her was that—-(flashback) my brother taught me if i make a girl character, i can get money out of people, this is waaaay easier than having a guy char.—- so i did. my psuedonym was “Emily” and i actually did get a lot of free stuff. and yeah. a few years later, i decided to stop with this nonsense and play a guy character, and i met up back with xjenn143x and i told her, “Hey! its EclipseRider’s best friend from her school! (that was my char name, i was going for something Lunar like but yennoe, people..)” and then she asked about me, told her my name was kyle, and so forth a “new” friendship. i wonder what happend to her. hmm. oh yeah! she lives on the western side of canada. LAWL. well i hope i can see you again when i play maplestory again. byes. :) DAMN i regret playing as a girl. i feel homo. no homo tho..


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Day #7 Letter to LualHOTTIE.

Hey Camille.

I wish you werent so horny all the time, and mabye if you werent, we coulda been great friends :) id still consider going out with you. just, handle yourself? :3. kbye


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Day #6 Letter to the Unknown

 Hello xboxlive.

Please get rid of all the whiney ass little kids who these theyre the shit for having such high tier accessories. thank you.

me, a relaxed player.

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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the ‘present.’
Kung Fu Panda: Oogway

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Day #5 Letter to Draaaams.

Hello dreams.

Words cannot describe what you come up with to entertain me why sleeping. yet you bother me in the middle of class and distract me from getting good grades! >:(. yo soy no feliz con que tu haciendo. oh well. i wish i could control you. good bye now.

-me…. arse hole..

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"Can you make a samurai hat (out of origami)?"

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Day #4 Letter to Twinny

KARLA! mah twin. whats the up! your the funnest and funniest relative i ever have! although were not related, who cares! thanks for being such an aawsome company to have during the conformation classes! i hope the special someone ends up liking you :D and then you can live happily together! we gotta hang out more! we only see eavorther about 35 times a year. thats bullcrap! like once every other week… so 52/2= 26+other times we chose to hang out+church… so yeah! your awsome! thrive! live! youth! watever! Byes! the skinny walrus

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